A few words from Lee's fiancé, Roger:

"We have decided to set up a scholarship in Lee’s name to support aspiring songwriters with tuition/financial assistance. Our target is one or two $2,500 scholarships per year. There is a lot more information to be provided on this but a little background on why we have chosen to honor Lee this way. 

Lee was an energetic, vibrant personality with plenty of dreams and goals. When I met her, she had 4 defined items all with visualization boards in her apartment. I was a little scared. 

-Finding Love; Check (okay so the guys in the pictures all had hair) 
-Living in a Home with plenty of space and windows; Check, our Oasis 
-To Visit Europe; Multiple Checks, 4 times in 7 years. 6 countries 
-Write a Hit Song, win a Grammy; The Grammy visualizations still exist, Lee simply ran out of time 

By establishing a Scholarship Fund for Songwriters in Lee’s name we provide help to like minded spirits, and provide a path for Lee to share in a Grammy win by celebrating the success of someone she helped. Clearly visualize a Grammy winner including a ‘Thank You to Lee’ in their acceptance speech. Just a nod of appreciation for a life well lived and a dream fulfilled. If we believe it can happen and we work at it, we make it possible, Lee would say inevitable."